Ways & Practices

At ONE Lodging Management, we believe that a manager’s greatest accountabilities are to lead with integrity and to fully support the people who work within their respective departments. Providing clear expectations around this is key, so we’ve developed ‘Ways & Practices’ as guidelines for approaching the variety of people-related functions our managers must perform. ‘Ways’ relate to the cultural norms and customs of ONE Lodging Management, and the word ‘practice’ implies working toward improvement. By implementing ‘practices’ instead of rigid policies, we allow the space and flexibility to continuously adopt new and better ways of doing things. Our ‘Ways & Practices’ are rooted in reality and based on years of experience in running complex operations. While we always strive for consistency, we recognize that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. We know that there are always unique nuances within each hotel, so we make sure our Ways & Practices are flexible enough to allow for these gray areas, while still addressing important compliance issues and providing a distinguishable floor of consistency across all ONE-managed properties.

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