Reasons to Join ONE

“ONE Lodging Management manages all 113 AHIP-owned hotels and we will continue to choose ONE to operate further acquisitions. Over the last five years, ONE Lodging Management has consistently outperformed the competition on financial, market share, guest and supporter loyalty targets and in doing so have delivered on GOP goals in each one of our hotels.”

Ian McAuley, President
American Hotel Income Properties

Persuading an owner/operator to give up control isn’t hard, given our track record.

We believe you, our Clients, want a better way to manage your hotel. Perhaps a more entrepreneurial approach to operational leadership? Long-term prosperity? Exceptional experiences for your guests? Or tangible benefits and opportunities for your employees?

At ONE Lodging Management, we are continually setting new standards in all of the above; it’s what sets us apart from other hotel management companies and consistently affirm what ONE is all about.

In the highly competitive environment of hotel management companies, distinct competitive advantages are the difference between success and failure.

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