ONE Team, ONE Heart

Making a difference for our guests, our communities, and each other

Good things happen when you show up. At ONE Lodging Management, we believe in recognizing our talented, innovative and committed Supporters who truly believe in showing up as their best selves every day.

Community Investment

ONE Lodging Management has adopted CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees), a not-for-profit organization that offers financial aid to hospitality industry employees, as a partner for its charitable endeavors. Taking time off to care for a sick child can be detrimental to a hospitality worker’s finances, so CORE steps in to assist to pay a utility bill, to purchase an iPad for a disabled child, or to fly a family to Disney World for a dream vacation.

During ONE’s Annual 2016 General Manager conference, we collectively raised $5,000 towards CORE.

Each of ONE’s hotels are challenged to give back, and our Supporters actively create and participate in local community service activities.  We are also proud of our many brand partners who engage our teams in their collective efforts.

While each hotel invests in communities on their own, we are under ONE team, with ONE heart. Below is a selection of recent activities by our Supporters: